Bravo People Solutions was formed in response to the ever-growing need for Human Resources to be relevant, effective and encompassing.

Pamela Aiello has been working in human resource management for 25 years; she has managed teams at local, regional and national levels; she has managed various businesses and she has studied the differences that psychological insight can have in the success of people-management strategies.

Her unique approach, that of combining HR knowledge with the psychology of people as well as management experience, has meant the successful implementation of human resource strategy across some of the most challenging of workplace environments including public service agencies and highly unionized workplaces.

Managing a company’s greatest resource effectively makes sound business sense.

PA photoDirector, Pamela Aiello holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Behavioural Sciences, which she maintains gives her an edge when dealing with people problems.  Pamela also holds an MBA and a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management at Distinction level.  Most recently Pamela has been accepted as a Justice of the Peace in NSW.