At Bravo People Solutions we tailor our service to suit your needs.  Our approach is “hands-on and hassle-free”.  The following lists some of the services that Bravo can assist with.  All services can be provided either singly or in combination to align with your business.

Performance management

Sometimes in the busy day-to-day running of a business, staff performance plans, reviews, feedback and salary reviews can be inadvertently overlooked by managers.  At other times, managers may not have the time or the experience  to deal with challenging staff.  In either case, what may start as a minor performance issue can quickly escalate to a workplace conflict that can be detrimental to both staff and customers.  Bravo can assist by developing or updating performance plans, aligning these with the company’s strategic plan, ensuring performance reviews are conducted regularly and structuring these around constructive feedback.  Bravo can also navigate and resolve workplace disputes.

Policy development

One aspect of small business that typically gets left to last is the writing up of workplace policies.  While a business can function without these when a team is small, as a business grows it becomes more important to provide a road-map for staff on a range of workplace issues such as employment entitlements, workplace conduct, Work Health & Safety and what constitutes “dismissable” offences (such as illicit drug-use, discrimination and sexual harassment, for example).  Bravo can assist by writing policies and procedures to cover most contingencies as well as updating existing policies to align with legislative requirements such as those in the Fair Work Act.

Workplace Investigations

Every workplace is subject to employee disputes. Allegations of workplace misconduct can range from bullying and discrimination to harassment and fraud. Bravo’s HR team has the technical expertise required to conduct an independent, comprehensive and legally compliant workplace investigation. Additionally, Bravo will provide a written summary of findings relevant to an employer’s legal obligations including recommendations for further action. Outsourcing this key responsibility to Bravo ensures that employers can quickly address workplace complaints while eliminating any hint of bias.

Recruitment & training

Often one of the biggest challenges for business is sourcing and retaining qualified staff.  Bravo is not a recruitment agency, however we can act as a company’s internal Human Resources agent to co-ordinate a recruitment drive (which may or may not include working with a recruitment agency), writing up a job description and candidate profile, shortlisting candidates, conducting interviews (including vocational testing if required), completing reference checks and writing up letters of offer and employment contracts.  Bravo can also conduct induction training to ensure new staff can effectively navigate your workplace and get on with the role they were hired to perform as quickly as practicable.

Change management

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is achieving and maintaining the right culture.  How do people feel about working for you?  Do they champion the business to others as well as to your customers?  Do they like going to work?  Are they engaged in the business and making a maximum contribution to business goals?  The answers help define your workplace culture and if the answer is no, then your business might need to consider change management.  Similarly, if the business is going through rapid change such as a merger or an acquisition, correctly defining and tweaking workplace culture can directly impact the success of the initiative.  Bravo can conduct a workplace “health-check” to help answer some of these questions and implement a cultural change program to turn disengaged employees into workplace champions.

Mediation / negotiation

Sometimes it can be as simple as agreeing on terms for a raise or promotion.  And sometimes it’s working through a serious conflict between two or more people in a team that impacts everyone while tensions remain high.  Bravo manages both with our unique insight into human psychology coupled with years of experience working through disputes for both private and public sector clients.  Often our services involve simply working through disagreements between a staff member and their direct manager but sometimes we are needed as a last line of defense before a matter is escalated to the Fair Work Commission.

Workers Compensation

Bravo has extensive experience in the NSW worker’s compensation arena.  Pamela Aiello has worked as a Rehabilitation Provider, Return to Work Co-ordinator and Accredited WorkCover (SIRA) trainer (Introductory and Advanced Return to Work courses) for over 20 years.  Managing injured workers effectively can yield significant benefits for a company’s bottom line by reducing premiums and keeping skilled workers employed and engaged with their workplace during their recovery.  Bravo can also assist with wellness programs and Work Health & Safety to help prevent workplace injuries.

Work Health & Safety

Keeping employees safe at work is at the core of an employer’s duty of care.  Bravo can assist employers implement and monitor safe work practices to minimize the risk of workplace injuries. Bravo has particular expertise in both preventing and managing psychological injuries by training supervisors to recognize the signs of workplace stress and implementing effective workplace support structures such as EAP initiatives (Employee Assistance Programs).  If necessary, Bravo can link services via it’s partner organisations that offer risk audits, risk management and safety committee training.

Workforce planning / succession planning

For a business, getting on with the day-to-day running of it’s operations happens smoothly with the right people in the right jobs.  But change is inevitable, and planning for workplace movement is essential to protect against sudden resignations or gaps in key positions due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.  Bravo can help map out future planning by identifying critical roles, analyzing existing talent and advising on best-fit, carrying out vocational testing as necessary to match attributes with role responsibilities and incorporating future planning into performance appraisals and reviews.

Workplace wellness

Investing in a business’ most important asset, it’s “human resources” makes sound business sense.  Not only will a healthy, happy workplace be more productive, but they are more likely to champion your business and directly ease the burdens of recruitment and retention which so many businesses struggle with.  A happy, healthy team stays, and they tell others what a great company yours is to work for.  The investment can be as simple as a massage once a month, or as diverse as gym membership, support for ‘stop-smoking” campaigns or establishing EAP programs (Employee Assistance Programs) to help your people work through personal issues that may prevent them from being their most productive at work.  Bravo can assist and advise on the most effective strategy to keep your staff healthy, engaged and championing your business.